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[This contains spoilers for AMC The Walking Dead, Season 10, Episode 12, Walk with Us.]

The Walking Dead had three significant deaths during Walk With Us, but remember that he left the most important and traumaticand finally: Alpha (Samantha Morton), the Whispering Queen and Von Deceived in the murder of his new best friend. (and occasional lover) Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

Walk With Us focuses on the aftermath of the hilltop conflict and tells a fragmented story from multiple angles, including one in which Negan leads Sales Alpha to a cabin, usually in the woods, where he claims he was captured to become his daughter (Cassidy Lydia McClinsey). Alpha musters up the courage to kill her own daughter in order to fortify herself and enter the cabin without Lydia knowing. As she turns around in the market, she is stabbed in the throat at the market, courtesy of Negan. At the end of the episode, Negan puts aside Alpha’s severed head, Carol (Melissa McBride), apparently the person responsible for getting Negan out of Alexandria all this time.

simcore alpha killed error

“You’ve wasted a lot of time,” Carol says to Negan, Alpha’s understanding, zombified head.

Although Alpha’s death can also be a huge shock to For readers of The Walking Dead, it may be even less surprising to those who have read Robert Kirkman in addition to the Charlie Adlard comic book series on which the series is based. . Alpha dies in the comics even earlier, after a head-on incident, but just before the real escalation of the Whisperer War – losing his mind from afar in some wasteland after a heart-to-heart battle for the forerunners. hand. /p>

“We often remix moments from math comics, but I came to the hideout to take a break from the season and I was really sure we needed to do the Negan [kills] Alpha storyline,” says showrunner Angela Kang. Hollywood Reporter. “This is such an iconic story. But we had to have our own twist because we have Carol. The emotional realm of this story is so solid, the idea that they went through this together in very different ways, but Negan has his own way. Yeah, to be honest, we always wanted to provide an alpha for Negan.”

For Samantha Morton, who debuted as an alpha in season 9, the death of her charms was no big deal; one woman knew she was doomedYes, as soon as I agreed to a real role.

“You explained absolutely everything that happened to me,” says Morton. “To understand a character like Alpha is to support the vision of the show’s new arc, and not just the individual need of me as an actor trying to make Alpha fun. It depresses you as an actor who makes more of your character, but you are part of a larger process in The Walking Dead. The TV show is more important than any other character. It’s all about the series. It was an amazing feeling”

While Morton sees Alpha’s death as a fitting cog in The Walking Dead’s larger machine, Kang highlights the desire to find an emotional arc that fits the Whisper Queen and a feminine arc created by the relationship between Alpha and Lydia.

simcore alpha killed error

“In the comics, I’ve always been most intrigued by the thought of her,” Kahn says. “Alpha was cold and cruel, like his predecessor, but their only weakness is reuniting with their daughter. We knew almost from the very beginning when we created her saga that, in turn, we wanted to tellTalk about a woman who gives a touch of humanity she relies on to her daughter, but it’s not exactly a healthy relationship. It’s insulting. The way she approaches the arrangement with her daughter is very human, but she believes that she genuinely supports what she does for her child, and not her perverted ways. We need to tell this arc that her daughter is rejecting her and she’s dependent on it, so she needs to go through a few and make sure [Lydia] goes with her differently.”

Reenacting scenes from Final Alpha, Morton had her own take on her character’s death: “Alpha doesn’t think about her dying at [Nigan’s] hands. She is surprised that he betrayed her, as he did. But she was still ready to die. [I think] your lover’s plan was to kill the girl and you as an extermination pact. She doesn’t want to keep the Whisperers at bay – that’s what I played anyway… She knows, turning around and listening to her, that this is more than a game. But I think she did have feelings for him that she didn’t have before.”

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